Hot Type Button Heading Machine For Concrete Pile/Pole

Concrete Pile and Concrete Electric Pole PC Bar Electric Button Heading forming machine are widely used for prestressed concrete pole or phc pile factory production.

PC Bar Button Heading Machine For Concrete Pile/Pole

concrete pole button heading machine.jpg

Concrete Pile and Concrete Electric Pole PC Bar Electric Button Heading forming machine uses pneumatic booster control system, and the installation of air tank, a substantial increase in the headset speed, while avoiding the air pressure instability and the impact of heading head quality.

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Hot type pc bar button heading machine has the following characteristics: a new pneumatic boost control system, the system is simple, energy saving; the use of pneumatic jack, clamping, upset head action quickly and steadily; pneumatic system to install gas tank to ensure stable and reliable air pressure; The use of imported brands PLC, control module to ensure trouble-free operation; booster cylinder, electromagnetic valve, gas joint using domestic brands, the performance of the work, the use of imported bearings, Good, to reduce the equipment failure rate; heading head for the eccentric increase type, greatly reducing the cost of wearing parts.

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