Prestressed Cement Concrete Electricity Pole Mold

Cement electric pole mold plays an important role in prestressed or reinforced spc pole plant production process . Cement pole mold adopts two halves structure, which is processed with special lathe to process with the coaxility and straightness.

Cement electric pole mold plays an important role in prestressed or reinforced electricity spc pole plant production process . Cement spun pole mold adopts two halves structure, which is processed with special lathe to process with the coaxility and straightness. There are two kinds of Cement electric pole mold manufacturing : whole mold process and joint type. The whole process production of Cement electric pole mold rigidity and strength are better, but the manufacturing difficulties, to be a long lathe (I Division 12m below the overallCement electric pole mold can be made), transport is not convenient. Therefore, the following describes the sub-connected Cement electric pole mold.

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when half-mold is manufacturered, cement pole mold cylinder plate generally is 10mm steel plate, because the national standard in the poles specified cone-shaped cone ratio of 1:75. For this purpose, the cylinder plate after cutting should be formed by cold pressing in a dedicated 1: 75 tapered die. Due to the limited width of the shears, the length of the cold pressed concrete pole mold is limited by the length of the cold working equipment. Therefore, the length of the pipe wall is designed to be 2 m (for a reference) and then Docking. In addition, it is limited by the processing range of the machining equipment and the restriction of the transport vehicle and the road. So the design is generally 4M long limit, the individual must not exceed 5M. In order to ensure that the Cement electric pole mold in the production of poles, that is, to high-speed smooth operation, and can not be deformed, for this purpose in the cylinder board to run the wheel support plate and liner; , The connection flange at the welding section. But the thickness is only 10MM cylinder plate, with high-speed operation it can not guarantee the reliability. So the cylinder surface longitudinal and stiffness must be improved. The general practice is to weld the outer surface of the cylinder plate to support the longitudinal, transverse ribs of the cylinder plate, and the end plate flange attached to the longitudinal ribs and the cylinder plate. In the reinforced plate welding bolt hanging ear (commonly known as climbing), matched with the first head of the first screw, washers, nuts, pins. This basically formed a Cement electric pole mold welded structure of the blank pieces. So that the rigidity ofCement electric pole mold greatly improved, the basic can meet the requirements of products. How do two halves fit together as a whole? According to the provisions of JC / T364-2001 standards. And two reinforcing plates thicker than the cylinder plate are caulked on the cylinder plate at the split mold face of the mold half. One is to increase the horizontal end of the stiffness, the second is to strengthen the board to draw the bumps and groove to. (In the high-speed centrifugal process to play a sealed role) to prevent the cement slurry in the centrifugal force from the slot at the mouth of the body, the body of the mold, Resulting in leakage phenomenon. Reinforced plate and pipe wall is riveting, while the reinforcement plate can also be welded in pairs of bolt lugs, lifting and turning the ring can also be welded on the reinforcement plate.

Cement electric pole mold due to transport and technology and other reasons in the manufacturering of sub-manufacturing, assembly and assembly in the poles factory, the assembly must be checked before the packaging is intact, the parts with or without hair damage, if any should be immediately trimmed. The connecting flange end and the runner runway are precisely machined because the connection accuracy directly affects the curvature of the full length of Cement electric pole mold and the smoothness of the run, and the runway surface quality is not good and can cause it to run.

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