Tensioning Machine For Concrete Pole/Pile

Tension Jacking Designed for pre-stressing PC/HT bar simultaneously prior to concrete pole centrifugal spinning process.

Tensioning Machine For Concrete Pole/Pile

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Tension Jacking  Designed for pre-stressing PC HT bars simultaneously prior to concrete pole centrifugal spinning process. Hydraulic type Tension Jack consists of a hydraulic cylinder and digital pressure
Indicator for simultaneous pre stressing  the w elded cage of P.C. wire with exact and equal tension on all P.C wires and pre-stressed concrete poles by simply pressing a control button. This tension jack is center-hole type for simultaneously tensioning equipped with coupler( male and female coupling) , tension shaft, ram chair, Hydraulic up-down system (cylinder with support and height adjustment, and hydraulic pump with pressure guage)
complete with mounted on 4-wheel stand and programmed tensioning force of each size of concrete spun pole control panel including roll-tape printer of each tensioning.

Pretension Jack
Hydraulic oil pump  Minimum 250kg/cm ² pressures with pressure sensor complete mounted on 4-wheel stand.
Ram Stroke  To be mentioned
Ram Area  800cm² (Min)
Drive Power Motor drive not less than 7.5kW (Min) x 4-p or as per
required, 380VAC, 50 Hz. 3 Phase for motor and
220VAC, 50Hz. 1 Phase for control.
Digital display with
Digital display with programmable control panel
including roll-tape printer of each tensioning.
Accessories  Coupler(Male & Female), Ram chair, Tension Shaft,
Hydraulic up-down system

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Tensioning Machine For Concrete Pole/Pile

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