Automatic Steel Bar Tensioning Machine

Automatic Tensioning Machine is a special equipment designed for the production of concrete phc pipe pile.

System Overview

Automatic Steel Bar Tensioning Machine is a special equipment designed for the production of concrete electric spun pole or phc pipe piles. It is divided into three types: wheel-rail, mobile and suspension which fully meet the requirements of concrete pile production. An ideal product for concrete pile production industry to replace the old types. The system is mainly composed of tensioning jack, tensioning trolley, bearing frame, sensor, man-machine interface, PLC, operation box and hydraulic station. The system uses two tensioning methods: automatic tensioning and manual tensioning. The system has the characteristics of high reliability, high control precision, large storage capacity, convenient query, fast pace of operation, simple operation and convenient maintenance.

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Main Function

Automatic concrete spun pole/ pile tensioning machine (ATM-700) in addition to control the tension process automatically complete the basic functions, but also has a LED display, touch operation, process parameters in real-time online query and modification, process data storage, query and modify, automatic fault alarm And SMS prompts and other functions. Graphical user interface, simple, intuitive, all control at a glance.


Technical Indicators

Displacement sensor accuracy: 0.1%

Force sensor accuracy: 0.5%

Pressure sensor accuracy: 0.2%

Nominal tension force: 2000,3000,4000KN

Tensioning stroke: 200,300mm

System maximum working pressure: 31.5 MPa


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