Concrete Pile Production Line Machine

 Concrete Pile Centrifugal Spinning Machine for prestressed spun concrete pile is a kind of phc pile molding equipment .

1. Overview of Concrete Pile Centrifugal Spinning Machine

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Centrifugal spinning machine for prestressed spun concrete pile is a kind of molding equipment, which is a mainly forming equipment used for producing circular prestressed concrete piles, square prestressed concrete piles and other cement products with a variety of different diameter and length.
Centrifugal spinning machine for prestressed spun concrete pile is operated by remote-controlled continuously variable motor. It runs smoothly and has a variable-speed range. So the production of concrete piles are good of quality.
The base of the machine is welded in box-type structure, sturdiness and durability. The bearings are well sealed and reliable, long service. Random electric control equipment is complete and easy to operate.
2. Working Principle of  Concrete Pile Spinning Machine

1)   Spun pile mold rotates with Centrifuge, there are longitude stiffeners and latitude stiffeners around the surface.
2)   The redundant water in the concrete is released under the force of centrifuge and concrete gets dense and high strength.
3)   Spun pile spinning machine operates together with Pre-stressed concrete pile steel mold.
4)   Under the motor-driven, the slurry is divided into two-tier under the action of centrifugal force.
5)   The heavier solids deposited on the inner wall to form sediment layer, while the lighter liquid is separated from the formation of the inner fluid layer.
6)  The Sediment is released after dehydration, while the fluid is released.
3. Features of Concrete Pile Spinning Machine

(1) Saving a great deal of steel, about 30~70% (employ cold-drawn steel wire can save 30%~60%; employ high stress steel wire can save 40%~69%).
(2) Crack resistance can increase by about 3~5 times.
(3) Rigidity increases 1~3 times.
(4) Reducing the cost (using cold drawn steel wire can reduce 25%~40%; using high stress steel wire can reduce 12%~21%).
(5) Good durability, can delay the existence and expansion of cracks.
(6) Protect the environment on which human beings depend on for existence, and reduce the deforestation.

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