Concrete Spun PHC Pile Steel Mold

Concrete PHC Pile Mold is used for concrete phc pile production in modern industry with centrifugal force.

1. Concrete Phc Pile Mold Introduction

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Concrete Spun PHC Pile Mold is used for concrete phc pile production in modern industry. Its manufacturing process is reinforced steel tendon plate with hoop steel tendon plate according to national standard .With high strength class steel plate as concrete pile mold cylinder ,and pressed by thousand ton of hydraulic press machine. The diamter of concrete pile mold can be manufacturered from 200mm-1200mm and length from 6m-24m .
In order to precast concrete more quickly and meet the designed strength of more than 70%, steam curing will be necessary so as to shorten the mold-releasing cycle time.
We have two kinds of concrete pile moulds: cylinder concrete phc pile steel mold and square concrete pile steel mold.

 phc pile mold rectangle pile mold

2. Features of Concrete PHC Pile Mold
2.1 Welding technology, which enhances the smooth finish of the mold wall, and eliminates the uneven traces of rivet holes. So the concrete poles appearance will be improved significantly.
2.2 The cylinder is changed to U-type longitudinal stiffeners which can greatly increase the stiffness and flexural strength of the steel mold.
2.3 Install the slot with rubber sealing strip, in order to prevent leakage to ensure quality.
3. Working Principle of Concrete Pile Mold

3.1 PHC Pile mold should work together with heavy prestressed pile centrifugal spinning machine.phc pile mold should be placed on spinning machine smoothly.
3.2 Put the mixed slurry into the mold and rotate in different directions under the motor driven.
3.3 In this process, the redundant water in the concrete is released by the force of centrifugal, and the concrete is dense and high strength. And then, the pole forms around the inner wall of the concrete pile mold.

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