Concrete Pile Centrifugal Spinning Machine

Technical Parameter  The distance between two wheel 2000mmThe distance between central of wheel 950mm-1200mmDiameter of wheel600mmDiameter of axle110mm-125mmAutomatic controller fo

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Prestressed concrete electric pole/ phc pile spinning machine  is designed and manufactured for centrifugal reinforced and prestressed concrete pole/ pile in single  mould spinning  for largre diameter mold and multiple mould spinning for small and medium size mould spinning .The machine is totally custom-made, and specification is available based on endusers' request.

1.Unique"slot" design, change the screw limit between the bearing support and base plate with card solt and bolt limit. Both up and down sides of the spinning machine panel, undersurface and two sides of bearing support go through fine machining.

2.Connection shaft is whole shaft, to avoid stress concentration brought by shaft diameter changes,resulting in the phenmenon of "shaft-broken".

3.The limit side of the support wheel is removable. It is convenient for users to replace.

4.Frequency-conversion cabinet of spinning machine records process parameter of each pipe and output reports,provides the office computer data communication interface.

Technical Parameter 

 The distance between two wheel 2000mm or 3000mm
The distance between central of wheel 950mm-1200mm
Diameter of wheel600mm
Diameter of axle110mm-125mm
Automatic controller for centrifugal concrete pile machine  Frequency Variable



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