PC Bar Steel Wire Cage Welding Machine

Automatic Concrete Pole Steel Cage Welding Machine is used for concrete pole/pile production to reude labor cost and increase productivity.

                          Automatic Concrete Pole Steel Cage Welding Machine



The automatic steel cage welding machine model DGH-400 is the new patent steel cage welding forming machine, used for welding the cages for reinforced concrete pole, pre-stressed concrete pole, also the partial Pre-stressed concrete pole and PHC pile .

During this machine working and welding, the cage will rotate at a synchronous way from feeding, welding and discharge part. Our new automatic welding trolley is fully automatic control, no need difficult calculation and position;it can produce different diameter pole cages only change different diameter mould tool. And adjust the welding electrode distribution and the welding wheel。Besides it is automatic discharge the cage when finish welding.


Technical &Specification:

 1) Top pole diameter: 150-400mm; 

  2) Pole total Length:  3000-15000mm;    

  3) Longitude Steel Bar : 8-24 pcs/ 6-22mm; 

 4) Spiral Bar Diameter: 3-6mm;                                     

 5) Spiral Bar Pitch: 5-200mm;                                             

 6) Working Mode: Automatic diameter Change; 

 7) Pole Taper:  1:50/1:75;  

   8) Spiral Bar Motor: TYB400-112M-4,    4Kw; 

 9) Heading servo Motor: AMS-130M04025M,  1KW;        

10) Traction Trolley Motor: YVP112M-4,   4Kw; 

11) Traction tray Motor: TYB150-90L-4,    1.5 Kw;         

12) Welding Transformer power: 250KVA; 

 13) Electric Power: 380-450V,  Three Phase, 50-60HZ; 

 14) Machine Speed: 0-40r/min; 

 15) Cooling mode:  Air Cooling ;

 16) Dimension: 35350*2270*1780mm(working )






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