Complete Concrete Pole Plant Equipment and Machinery

Leading Manufacturer for Complete concrete electricity pole machines and equipment like centrifugal spinning machine, concrete electric pole molds , concrete pole prestressing machines etc.

Manufacturer for Complete Complete concrete electricity pole plant equipment and machinery

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Furat Industry Machinery Co.,Ltd is a leading manufacturer fabricating complete concrete electric pole plant equipment and mold/machines .Recently years,with much experience in this field of manufacturing concrete pole machines , our products have been sold more than 20 countries such as Indonesia, Kenyan, Ethiopia, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Algeria, Ghana etc .
Prestressed Concrete Pole Mold

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Technical Parameters 

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Advantage of Furat concrete pole machine

1) pole mould steel is Q235 steel plate with 10mm thickness  ; patent design of  tongued and groove concave and convex chamfer joint closely ; Longitudinal reinforcement plate 12 to 20 mm thick.Roller: bolt connection, replaceable.
2) centrifuge roller material: manganese steel. Wheel Diameter: 600 mm. Spinning Machine Main Roller: 130 mm. Base: Integral Casting Steel or Welded Iron.
3) the feeding machine: divided into stirring cage side feeding and pneumatic feeding in the middle.


Concrete Pole Machine Features: 

(1) Saving much electricity . During low speed stage of spinning with concrete pole molds which will take 35% of total spinning speed, namely 300RPM , with frequency variable method, to replace electricmagnetic speed regulating motor with common Y series three phases mouse cage motor so that save about 35% of electricity consumption .
(2) With two different design of base , one is fully casting steel box type ,another one is iron box welded  to meet different requirements of customers .
(3) engineers abroad free provide installation, commissioning, training;
(4) prestressed high strength wire production of complete sets of equipment and technical services;
(5) design and manufacture of large structures. Shandong Haiyu Industry Co., Led. Is a national and even the world prestressed concrete pole factory (high and low voltage line pole and frame pole, conical, such as diameter, series accessories) preferred suppliers.


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