Heavy Type Concrete Pole Centrigual Spinning Machine

Heavy type Centrifugal Spinning concrete pole machine are used for heavy type concrete poles with diamter more than 250mm and weight of concrete spun pole more than 1ton .

Heavy Type Centrifugal Spinning Machine Introduction

Heavy Type Centrifugal Spinning Machine


Furat Heavy type Centrifugal Spinning concrete pole machine are composed of casting steel riding wheel, spinning bearing,casting steel base, frequency variable motor , control cabinet etc . The riding wheel of centrifugal spinning machine is made of casting steel which is same material with train wheel featured with good resistance to wear. When equipped with automatic controller, it can be programmed with low speed, medium speed, high speed with time adjusted and rotation speed adjusted .

Centrifugal spinning machine is a necessary equipment to produce circular or round concrete spun poles. After the mold is filled with concrete and steel wire cage , the concrete pole steel mold will be driven by centrifugal spinning machine with speed from low to high. The concrete in molds will be compressed highly and bond together with steel bars because of centrifuge force . After steam curing , the concrete poles will be finished .Haiyu Centrifugal spinning concrete pole machine is composed of riding wheel, driving shaft, driven shaft, bearing base, belt wheel, casting steel base and speed regulating motors.
concrete pole machine
By now, we have developed Double Riding Wheel Type and Three Riding Wheel Type to meet different concrete pole plant design .

 Concrete Electricity Pole centrifuge spinning Machine Features:

concrete pole machine 

Centrifuagl concrete electric pole machine is made of the centrifugal molding in different diameter, length of circular concrete products (pile, pole, tube) of main equipment, centrifuge for the broken shaft is composed of roller and bearing seat, a total of three single pipe, double pipe, three major categories;Equipped with adjustable speed motor and control equipment, stable operation, large range of speed regulation, and low noise, good bearing seal degree, the entire unit is easy to operate, safe and reliable;Bottom enclosure structure should be adopted, the high quality steel after welding the whole plane, strong and durable, convenient installation.
Electric concrete pole centrifuge spinning machine is essential equipment for manufacturing reinforced concrete pole, the pole model fitted with a certain amount of steel skeleton and concrete after centrifuge drive the electric pole mode from slow to fast, concrete in steel and the effect of the centrifugal force, after a certain time and steel binding, and adsorption on the inner wall of the steel mould, tightly solid, into a cement pole after curing, the centrifuge is mainly composed of roller, drive shaft and driven shaft, bearing, pulley, base, electromagnetic speed regulating motor, at present our company produces the centrifuge has a double roller combination and three roller combined.


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