Centrifugal Spinning Concrete Spun Pole Making Machine

Centrifugal Spinning Pole Machine is a kind of molding machine to precast reinforced concrete electric spun poles .

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Centrifugal Spinning Pole Machineis a kind of molding machine to precast reinforced concrete electric spun poles below18 meters.  it is composed of  double roller supporting wheel type centrifugal unit and 30 kw-75kw speed regulating motor, power distribution cabinet group;Centrifuge running wheel are the same with the train wheel material composed of steel, wear resistance is strong, can also be equipped with automatic control device, to realize low speed, medium speed, the application of high-speed timing control and have time to adjust, speed setting, etc.
Pole centrifugal spinning machine is essential equipment for manufacturing reinforced concrete pole, the pole mould installed after a certain number of steel skeleton and concrete, centrifuge drive the mold from slow to fast, concrete in steel and the effect of the centrifugal force, after a certain time and steel binding, and firmly adsorbed on the inner wall of the steel, cement pole is formed after close-grained, maintenance, centrifuge is mainly composed of roller, drive shaft and driven shaft, bearing, pulley, base, electromagnetic speed regulating motor, at present our company manufacturers the centrifugal spinning pole machine with double roller type and single roller type .

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  centrifugal spinning concrete electric pole machine should comply with the "cement products industrial centrifugal machine technical conditions" requirement, the performance of the centrifugal spinning pole machine should reach solid durability, stable running, and should satisfy the demands of technology design speed.Each roller diameter and height of vertices, each wheel levelness and coaxial degree of public axis, two adjacent supporting shaft not parallel (that is, the same side end of the wheel (consistency) error, are not greater than 1 mm.The determination of roller center distance should be pole mold running wheels and point of contact between the two roller to steel centre 75-110 ° Angle advisable, preferable 90 °.


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