Maintenance knowledge of concrete electric pole mould

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Maintenance Knowledge of Concrete Electric Pole Mould

concrete electric pole mold

Different companies use the same batch of products, the situation of concrete electric pole molds are very different. This is a fact that we later visited a lot of customers, the use of the customer status has done a detailed record. Some manufacturers use a few years later, concrete electric pole mold is no problem, in addition to normal wear and tear, there is no rupture, can not use the phenomenon. But some manufacturers use less than a year there was a rupture, rust can not use the show. The biggest reason here is whether the daily maintenance work can be done. For everyone's concrete electric pole mold can be used normally, we are here to explain to you about concrete electric pole maintenance of mold, I hope you can be used as a reference.

1. Maintenance of Concrete Pole mold Surface Paint
Do not underestimate the surface paint, the use of this surface paint in addition to the appearance of good-looking, more important is to protect concrete pole mold will not be corroded. Some manufacturers in the use of a reasonable surface after the maintenance of paint, a direct result of concrete pole mold corrosion, and ultimately lead to unusable, this reason is actually a good solution. But the manufacturers in the use of the time did not pay attention, if the surface paint is properly protected, you can ensure that concrete electric pole mold in the normal life will not rust.

2. Local deformation in a timely manner

Some manufacturers do not pay attention to this problem, and ultimately lead directly to die scrap. Local deformation may be caused by the impact, but also may be due to improper operation caused. After the deformation of concrete electric pole mold for timely processing, need to be restored in place, and to ensure that the later use does not appear as a title.

3. Periodic inspection

The use of concrete electric pole mold In fact, the inspection time does not need a lot, just need to use after some simple monitoring on it, but this work must stick to it.

4. The use of anti-corrosion oil
In concrete electric mold when not in use must be coated with anti-corrosion oil, which is the last piece of mold corrosion barrier.


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