working process of precast concrete pole mold and PC wire tensioning machine

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Working process of precast concrete pole mold and PC wire tensioning machine

I believe you should know difference of prestressed and reinforced concrete electric spun poles well from upper article. when you make it clear about the difference of the prestressed and reinforced concrete spun electric pole as well as learn about precast concrete electric pole production machine required. After learning, we will tell you that you need concrete pole HT wire prestressing tensioning machine,header machine,tensioning device,steel clips. if you want to produce prestressed concrete electric poles., they are necessary concrete pole plant equipment and device to produce prestressed concrete spun poles.

concrete pole tensioning machine

How to form tension force among concrete electric pole mould ,prestressed steel wire and prestressing devices for concrete electric pole tensioning machine?

First , prestressed longitudinal steel wires are cut by steel wire fixed length cutting machine, stored in the the material warehouse, waiting for transported to the production site for next production. When the steel wire reached the production site, pc wire will be going through tensioning plate at one end , and install the steal clips at outer end of pc wire. Then with button heading machine, form one head at end of pc wire to stop pc wire sliding out when tensioning them. Thena all arranged pc wire will be placed on one plate one by one and these arranged pc wires will be going through another tensioning head then heading ends of pc wire.

Then prestressed wire is put into precast concrete pole mould, the bottom and tension plate placed in concrete pole mould, connecting the small end to tensioning concrete electric pole in the tensioning machine, and the tensioning pole is rotated and locked after aligning pass though the hole or the connecting screw nut after the first time through the control of tension the steel wire, placing the inner steel wire in the longitudinal wire in place. Then putting concrete into steel wire cage and close concrete electric pole mould, finally locking the bolt. 

Prestressing tensioning machine specially manufactured for concrete electric pole will begin to work after concrete electric pole mould and tensioning machine are ready. The steel wire tensioning and be in place, putting into the backing plate and locking the tension head. The steel wire of the concrete pole is finished. We recommend using the artificial tensioning machine if you want to tensioning machine standardized. What’s more, manual prestressing tensioning machine can learn the accurate values of tensioning machine at any time. And prestressing process of every concrete electric pole can be same.
In fact tension devices and concrete pole prestressed wire pretressing tensioning machine is more than this. With automatic degree improves, the principle of concrete electric pole tensioning machine is invariant in next decade, but operation method will be changed.


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