Operation Manual of Concrete Electric Pole Mould

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                                                                                                    Operation Manual of Concrete Electric Pole Mould

1.Hoist new concrete electric pole mould on the centrifugal spinning machine, run the concrete pole mold from low speed to high speed without load. The rotation should be steady . Concrete can be charged into mold if no jump of mold.

2.Paint demolding oil on the upper and lower mold after opening concrete pole molds. Place steel cage on lower concrete pole mould. Feed concrete inside steel cage evenly and finish the concrete to ensure there is no concrete in the groove of mold then concrete pole molds can be closed . When close the concrete electric pole mould, there must be no any dirt on the groove .If exist, then it must be cleaned again .Concrete Electric Pole Mould.jpg

3.When tightening closing mold bolts, it should be tightened from two sides of one end to another end .The loosing degree of bolts depends on position of bolts or concrete pole molds will be deformed .

4.When used many times of concrete pole mould, the groove of molds must be kept clean to guarantee no sludge leakage. If painted with wax, the effect will be better.

5.When lift concrete electric pole moulds on centrifugal spinning machines running wheels it should be very soft. It will take 2minutes for slow speed rotation , frequency is 10HZ, middle speed running is 3minutes, frequency is 25HZ, high speed rotation speed is 6min, frequency is 50HZ.

concrete electric pole mould.jpg

6.When placed into steam chamber, the chamber bottom must be horizontal. When stacking concrete spun pole moulds, the running wheels of concrete pole moulds should be matched wheel to avoid deformation.

7.When open the moulds , two ends should be opened at same time. Four lifting hooks should also be lifted at same time when hoisting and covering lower concrete pole mould. After taking out of concrete poles , clean molds but not dump concrete poles out and avoid collision.
8.When lifting concrete electric pole mold, safety is first. All moulds are forbidden moving across workers.

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