Connection Flange Of Concrete Electric Pole Mould Running Wheels With Running Wheels Distance Relation

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Connection  Flange Of Concrete Electric Pole Mould Running Wheels With Running Wheels Distance Relation

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Regarding to concrete electric pole moulds, concrete electric pole machines manufacturers in China have their own technology and process. With ten years development, some manufacturers of concrete pole machines have made some innovation and development.

Concrete Electricity Pole Mould Running Wheels Distance

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Standard type of Concrete electric pole mould running wheels are all 2m distance from center to center which is our national standards. Of course, some countries have different standards on concrete pole mould running wheels distance. Many countries have taken same standards like China with 2m.(wheel surface center to another wheel surface center is 2m)

Outer Diameter of Concrete Electricity Pole Mould Wheels

Generally the outer diameter of Concrete pole mold wheel is same with diameter of centrifugal spinning machine wheels. Rotation speed transferred from centrifugal spinning machine to Concrete electric pole mould will be equal when diameter of Concrete electricity pole mould and centrifugal spinning machine wheel diameter.
Regular Concrete pole mould outer diameter is 500mm/600mm/700mm/800mm/, among of them, 500mm and 600mm type are mostly used for Concrete electric pole mould.

Connection of Concrete Electric Pole Mould

Concrete Electric Pole Mould

Concrete Electric Pole Mould Flange

There are many different connection ways of concrete electric pole molds. Single molds in China now has 1m, 2m, 3m,4m,5m,6m are widely used and among of them ,4m single Concrete pole mould are mostly used .  There are more than 98% concrete pole factories have chosen 4m as base joint. There are changes in foreign demand, 3m joint mold are also used for connection.

Connection of Concrete Electric Pole Mould
There is tongue and groove design on the joint plate of Concrete poles molds, then the connection will be very tight which will contributes to longer lifespan of Concrete electric pole mould. The tongue and groove design will be processed with our special lathe and adjust coaxiality of concrete electric pole mold to best condition.
Generally concrete spun pole molds are connected with single segment of concrete pole molds and there is another situation is that the upper and back segment concrete spun pole molds can be joined randomly. The accuracy of mold length should be controlled within 1mm, then the upper molds of Concrete electric pole mold can be joined to back molds to guarantee very good product percent of pass. The cost of this kind Concrete pole moulds is much higher than the former one . The manufacturing error fully decides concrete pole mold lifespan and concrete electric poles quality and appearance.


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