Improvement of Circular Prestressed Concrete Electric Pole Mold

2017-09-10 15:38:49 grant 12

Improvement of Circular Prestressed Concrete Electric Pole Mold

1. Concrete electric pole mold cylinder improvement

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The structure of concrete electric pole mould is changed from sternum plate to rabbet welding type and “T” type reinforcing plate is changed from longitudinal reinforcing plate perpendicular to cylinder which improve the inertia moment. Compared to old type concrete pole mould, the rigidity of mold is increased by 15% based on the losing weight of concrete pole mould. Meanwhile, two directions rigidity is equal thereby overcome the shortcomes of low rigidity of horizontal direction. Rabbet welding of mold can not only reduce lots of rivets thereby avoid the marks from the nailhead so that to make the surface is very smooth which is easy for concrete pole demolding from the concrete pole mold . Because of free of drilling holes, riveting etc process, the manufacturing technology of concrete pole molds is greatly improved and save the processing time and also reduces the cost.
2. Improvement of Concrete electric pole mold running wheel

201703041153021.jpgThere are three improvements for the concrete pole mold running wheels : 1. The cutting line of concrete pole mold running wheel is from straight line to oblique line; 2. Early running wheels all with collars are changed to 2m internals with one plain wheel without collar; 3. Running wheel force bearing point with supporting flange distance from 25mm changed to overlaping.
3. Concrete Pole Mold Hung Ear Improvement
Earlier concrete pole mold hung ear structure is cantilever type which is easy to incline to middle line and easy to get losen after fastening even get broken from pulling causing concrete leakage from mold. After improving, the contacting area of hung ear and rabbet is longer and strength will be higher after welding and strengthed structure of oblique tensioning brace on bearing point of force, the cantilever is shorter which improve the strength and rigidity of hung ear. The realibity and sealing performace is improved to make sure the safe running of concrete pole mold.


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