Concrete Electric Pole Factory Design and Planning

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Concrete Electric Pole Factory Design and Planning

What is the covering area of your concrete electric pole plant ? I don’t think there is a standard answer about it . There is much difference of the production area of concrete electric pole plant according to different production demand. The smallest concrete pole plant covers land 500~600 square meters and the biggest concrete pole plant can cover land of several 10,000 square meters. The design area only depends on the productivity and expected demand. Different concrete electric pole machines also have some effect on the concrete pole plant workshop and outside environment . So, the erection of one concrete pole plant also is based on storage and logistics . So, howw to plan and build one concrete pole plant reasonably ?
The building and planning of concrete electric pole must be done by one experienced man. Why must be professional man ? Because he must know very well about concrete electric pole plant production , every production process of concrete electric pole production. And know well about the time of every production process like spinning time, steam curing time etc as as well as how to maximize the effect with limited land to avoide land and time wasting , then he is a professinal man.
Professional man has his own opinion on division of concrete pole prodution are and many years production experience. Compared to only planning, our planning is for convinent and effective concrete pole production . So, only theory is not enough . With many years experience, here is a high quality layout plan design.
First, let’s learn about the planning area.


One complete concrete electric pole plant has office area, sand, stone,cement area, finished concrete poles curing area, finished concrete poles stacking area, concrete pole forming workshop, steel wire cage forming workshop, concrete pole raw materials and finished concrete pole testing area, machines maintenance area, sewage treatment area.
Of course, some concrete pole plants also has weighing area, laboratory, living area, cultural area etc. There plants are very complete .
Although there are many areas in one complete concrete pole plant , from small concrete electric pole plant to bigger ones , it’s impossible to make it perfect once a time , so we need divide them again according to these areas.
Make it simple: Office area, raw materials area, finished products curing and stacking area, concrete pole forming workshop and steel wire cage workshop is combined to produce , products test and maintenance are( testing area only if necessary), the sewage treatment area is combined to beside production workshop.
The concrete electric pole plant which is being built now must be deployed with sewage treatment area. Because inefficient productivity, outdated capacity effect our home heavily , our government are leading to treating the unreasonable production plants to improve our environment. So, the sewage can’t be discharged at will. Unified planning the spinning process, mixing process, steam curing process and sewage thus it can improve the production cost effectively also contribute to environment protection.



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