Difference Of Reinforced cement poles and prestressed cement poles

2017-05-29 14:45:28 zhanghongtao 26

Many power construction companies are not clear about prestressed concrete pole and RCC concrete poles at the first time of  choosing cement poles, not knowing how to choose concrete pole for the actual power transmission line. Furat industry manufacturing Co.,Ltd as a professional production of cement pole machine business, will tell you about non-prestressed cement poles and prestressed cement poles performance difference.

In the production process, the popular prestressed cement poles using 4.8 prestressed steel, give a certain external force, and then pouring concrete, and other concrete after solidification, cut off the two ends of steel, cement pole itself in the Force state. This kind of cement rod crack resistance is better, so the steel is not susceptible to corrosion, durability has improved, the prestressed cement pole general cross-sectional size is also small, both beautiful and can save materials, as well as prestressed pole Generally used in important power transmission lines, the bending rigidity of the rod body, wind and anti-ice and snow load capacity, long length, suitable for high-pressure and other special needs, safety can also be improved.

Rather than the prestressed poles inside the steel is not used to pull the rebar, directly welded into a skeleton, into the steel mold, combined into a round, and then into the already mixed concrete and then placed in high-speed centrifugal Machine; high-speed rotation, so that concrete can be better in the steel combination, to achieve more solidification effect. Non-prestressed cement poles due to no pre-stressed, the use of larger bars, such a large rod bending moment value, such as 190-12 m cement pole, prestressed pole cracking moment value of 29.25KN. M, rather than the prestressed cement pole of the cracking moment can be as high as 39.00KN.M. In short, the prestressed cement poles do not bend, non-prestressed cement poles bent, the mechanical properties of the two are essentially different, different lines need to choose according to the actual situation of different poles, there is no absolute good or bad judgment.


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