How to produce good quality concrete spc electricity pole ?

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How to produce a good quality concrete spc electricity pole ?

High-voltage Concrete Electricity Spun pole is generally used in high-voltage or special high-voltage transmission lines and a kind of circular thin-walled concrete pole  produced by centrifugal molding process. The common models of concrete spun poles are  Φ230-15m, Φ190-21m, Φ230-21m and Φ350- 15m and so on. Based on years of experience in the production of high-voltage concrete spun pole, summed up the impact of high-voltage pole quality factors are divided into two points: First, the location of the threading pipe deviation; Second, the buried section with freeze-thaw damage factors, These two aspects of a detailed elaboration as below .

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First, the threading position deviation

As we all know, high-voltage poles generally contain diameter and length of the threading tube, if the location and material of the threading is not carried out in detail, it is likely to cause high-pressure bar mechanical properties weakened. The positional deviation of the threading tube mainly refers to the excessive axial or circumferential deviation between the threading pipes. The axial deviation is mainly reflected in the spacing between the threading and the design does not match; the circumferential deviation is mainly reflected in the center of the threading tube is not on the same line. In the production of high-voltage poles, we should regularly measure the vertical positioning tube, check the positioning of steel bar deformation occurs, after the wire tube welding, the timely measurement of the threading and axial deviation of the thread to meet the requirements. And the use of seamless steel pipe instead of seam steel pipe for the threading pipe and positioning tube, and processing and seamless steel pipe diameter supporting the positioning of steel rods to reduce the threading pipe, positioning steel and positioning between the steel bar gap, to avoid positioning Steel bar in the threading pipe or positioning tube within the active gap is too large, which led to excessive deviation of the threading pipe position. Welding process is also particularly important, the process of welding threading, to prohibit personnel to touch the skeleton to ensure that the threading tube in the skeleton from the horizontal force (natural state) was linear welding on the skeleton, the use of short steel to strengthen the threading pipe Welding, to avoid its shedding or displacement. After the application of the lifting process in the skeleton of the four-point lifting, so that the skeleton of the force evenly, so that we produce a high-quality high-voltage pole on a further step.

Second, the buried section of freeze-thaw damage factors

To solve the problem of high-voltage concrete poles of the threading machine, the talk about the physical properties of the pole itself. As the high-voltage poles made of ordinary concrete, and the wall thickness is thin, so that its anti-freeze-thaw and impermeability are poor. When the high-voltage poles are used in low-lying areas, the bunkers often have water, and the water around the rod will penetrate into the concrete pores of the inner wall of the high-voltage poles so that the rods are destroyed by the freeze-thaw cycle , Thus greatly reducing the service life of high voltage poles. In this way, we should use the special concrete prefabrication with impermeability grade P12 and frost resistance grade F250 to improve its impermeability and freeze-thaw resistance. At the same time, increase the diameter of the main bar and add the spiral bar to improve its bending , Shear capacity, reduce the occurrence of transverse and longitudinal cracks. After selecting the main material, we enter the production of high voltage pole of the important part - pole centrifugal, improve the centrifugal speed of concrete, and enhance the density of concrete. Centrifugal speed is slow, medium and fast three files, slow for the 100 ~ 120 r / min, the speed of 120 ~ 400 r / min, fast 400 ~ 600 r / min, in the concrete centrifugal process, from the poles Both ends are filled with concrete, increase the high pressure pole of the concrete wall thickness, the concrete wall thickness of not less than 100 mm. After the centrifugal molding of the rod to be buried, the use of impervious grade P12, frost level of F250 special concrete on its top and bottom of the seal to prevent the rain into the rod for corrosion. Into these strict steps, a high-quality high-voltage pole on the basic shape.



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