Concrete Pole Mold Operation Attention

2017-05-29 14:51:17 zhanghongtao 66

Concrete Pole steel mold are generally fabricated in joints due to transportation, manufacturing technology and other reasons , and assemble them in concrete pole factory; before assembling the packing must be checked if complete and parts are damaged. if any damage, it should be immediately repaired. The connecting flange end and the runway are precisely machined because the connection accuracy directly affects the curvature of the full length of the mold and the smoothness of the run, and the surface quality of the runway surface does not cause a beating when running. Scars, to be Seiko repair, repair burrs only allow sanding polished, the scar around the prominent part of the file can be used to file carefully file, file range is not allowed to exceed the prominent area, the assembly sequence is as follows:
1. Hoist every segment of mold on the centrifuge machine, the connection bolts are placed into the screw holes of connecting flange  according to the direction of symmetry of the bolt tightening.
2. Loosen all the bolts, but should not bolts the bolts, the bolts should still have the preload to fix the two molds, that is, without the aid of the tool only the strength of the fingers tighten the nut, and then make the pole steel mold slowly 1 to 2 minutes.
3. Tighten all the bolts with the tool until the gap is checked without space.
4. From low speed to high speed for no-load operation, operation should be smooth, no beating phenomenon before feeding production.
Assemble the inner wall of the connection with a grinding wheel or other methods of processing 3 × 45 ° break, and then in accordance with the above order to tighten the connection bolts, welding and re-grinding the weld, connecting flange outer edge to avoid the sub-surface Welding eight pieces (uniform) to strengthen the connection plate, which can eliminate the sub-junction leakage and sub-mold traces of the shortcomings, greatly improving the quality of pole and mold connection reliability.
Concrete electric pole steel mold with wedge joints to ensure that not leak pulp, such as waxing, the effect is better. Operation should pay attention to wedge clean, to prevent bruises.
Concrete Spun Pole steel mold generally will be bended and deformed after long time of service and then should be maintained timely . commonly used correction methods are flame and mechanical forcing correction of two, the former by the experienced master, the centrifuge must maintain a good technical state, Otherwise it will be doubled to shorten the life of the rod steel mold, such as stop using, should be attached to the net attached to the cement slurry and other dirt, and coated with anti-embroidered grease, two molds closed, stacked in a dry, smooth, solid field , Stacking layer height of not more than 3 layers, each run between the wheel and the running pad with mat, is strictly prohibited half-chip stacking.


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