How to use one mold to produce more kinds of concrete pole ?

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How to use one mold to produce more kinds of concrete pole ?

Since 2016,  our company on the existed concrete pole mold for a multi-purpose test, the use of DMZ190-12m pole mold successfully produced DMZ190-9,10,11 m three prestressed reinforced concrete poles. Finihsed Poles fully are compliance with the provisions of GB4623.
1. Principle of Technology

In order to ensure that the size of concrete pole mold size unchanged, the overall structure unchanged, the product steel wire required to meet the length of steel wire cutting process conditions, the basic principles are :

1. Prestressed Steel Wire cutting, threading, heading head, skeleton molding and other processing and other semi-finished products of the same process.

2. Steel Cage are placed into the pole mold, the skeleton hanging wire plate are fixed with a screw rod , and then pre-tensioned . As shown in
figure 1


1. Tension plate; 2. Anchorage; 3. The tip of the bucket; 4. The steel mold; 5. The main reinforcement; 6. The mold hanging plate; 7. The pin plate; 8. The rod; ; 10. Tie fastening nut;

3. Steel Wire cage pre-tensioning, concrete pouring, tensioning, molding, steaming curing and other processes  are same with other concrete products .

4. Before stripping the end of the first hanging wire rod rod nuts to relax, and then symmetrical cut from the other end of the wire, before stripping.
figure 2


1. Screw pull plate connecting plate; 2. Tensioning rod pin hole; 3. The main bar through wire hole; D. Rod root diameter -2
Second, the parts processing

1.   Mold Steel Wire Fixing Plate

Steel plate according to the amount of reinforcement or total tension selection. General thickness of 20 ~ 25mm. Processing chart shown in Figure 2.

2. Concrete pole Mold outside the end of the head wire, rod and pin.

(1) End Steel Wire Plate

And the connection within the mold with a rod, the role of the overall structure of the steel frame anchorage. Processing chart shown in Figure 3.
image 3


D1. Concrete Pole Mold Inner Diameter + 40mm; δ. Same as steel wire cage plate drawing;

2. Pull Rod and Pins

The rod is the main bearing rod of the tension, requiring a small deformation, high strength, easy to dismantle and use.

Figure 5 shows the processing of the rod and pin.
Figure 4 pull rod     Figure 5  pin bolt

The length of the rod (according to the length of the mold and pole length of the process requirements); D. Rod diameter; 1. pin length; d. Pin diameter
Third, the conclusion

According to my company's production practice, the use of a multi-purpose prestressed concrete pole  production, is successful experience. there are  following four advantages: 1. Increase the utilization of concrete pole mold; 2. Increase the strain capacity of the pole mold; 3. Save the investment; 4. Working principle and accessories processing is simple, easy to operate, low cost.



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