Concrete Electric Pole Plant Quality Management

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The Method of Quality Management in Concrete Electric Pole Production Plant


With an excellent prestressed or reinforced cylinder concrete pole production quality management, you can start from the following aspects:

1. Establish a quality management system

Quality management system GB / T19001, GB / T19004 (the pursuit of continuous success of the organization - quality management methods), high performance mode, Six Sigma management, lean production and other different systems, the current industry is more common GB / T19001 quality management system. The quality management system can help the enterprise to enhance customer satisfaction, the customer requests the product to meet the needs and expectations of the characteristics of these requirements and expectations in the technical requirements of the product, and focus on customer requirements.

The establishment and implementation of a quality management system generally includes the following steps:

1.1 Identify the needs and expectations of customers and other interested parties

Business survival is inseparable from the customer, so companies should understand the current and future needs of customers to meet customer requirements and strive to exceed customer expectations. Enterprises should first investigate, identify and understand the needs and expectations of customers, customer needs are generally reflected in the contract, such as the contract in the bar type, slightly diameter, length, cracking test load level, the implementation of standards, etc. are customer needs, After the completion of the identification of the customer's needs and expectations combined with the objectives of the enterprise, the customer's needs and expectations in the whole company to reach a consensus, that is, through the end of the contract, design refinement, technical exchanges and other means to sign the contract, Purchasing personnel, production personnel, inspectors, transport personnel are aware of the needs of customers and meet customer needs, and finally measure the degree of customer satisfaction and according to the results to take appropriate activities or measures.

1.2 to establish the quality of the enterprise policy and quality objectives

Quality policy and quality objectives for enterprises to provide the focus of attention. The quality policy provides a framework for the establishment and review of quality objectives, and quality objectives need to be consistent with the commitment to quality and continuous improvement, which is measurable. Such as management objectives require the production of quality products, but this is only the company to determine the vision, what is "high quality", still need to clear through the quality policy, such as pass rate, a pass rate and other indicators.

1.3 Identify the processes and responsibilities necessary to achieve the quality objectives

After completing the identification of customer needs and expectations, in order to achieve the desired results, the enterprise needs to systematically identify all activities, that is, all the management and production processes required for the product, clearly define the responsibilities and authority of the activities, identify the key processes, Key process capabilities are analyzed and measured, based on objective measurement, continuous improvement process.

1.4 Identify and provide the resources necessary to achieve the quality objectives

The production of ring concrete pole can not be separated from the workers, production equipment, plant, requiring enterprise human resources, infrastructure and work environment three resources must meet the requirements, and develop measures to ensure the sustainable supply of resources.

1.5 specifies the method of measuring the effectiveness and efficiency of each process

In order to obtain the process performance and effectiveness of the results, the need to specify the process of measurement methods, such as: concrete pole compressive strength, GB4623-2014 requirements of prestressed concrete poles with concrete strength grade should not be less than C50, in order to measure the concrete Whether the preparation process to meet the requirements, the need for random sampling at the mixing station to produce cube test block, and then in accordance with the provisions of GB / T50081 concrete compressive strength test to test the stripping strength, factory strength, 28d strength to meet the design, On the concrete sampling, the relevant provisions of the test is to measure the concrete preparation process.

1.6 Apply these measurements to determine the effectiveness and efficiency of each process

1.7 Identify measures to prevent nonconformities and eliminate causes

1.8 The process of establishing and applying continuous improvement of the quality management system is constantly improving. Continuous improvement is the source of the quality management system. It tells us that product quality is not the best, only better, quality management is always on the road.

2. Establish a laboratory that meets the requirements

2.1 equipped with the required test equipment

The main test equipment required for the test of the ring concrete rods must be equipped with the laboratory, from the raw material inspection to the test of the finished product of the poles. The main testing equipment mainly includes: electric bending test machine for cement physical and mechanical performance test, computer controlled constant stress cement pressure Testing machine, cement standard sieve, cement paste mixer, cement mortar mixer, cement standard consistency tester, cement mortar vibration table, cement constant temperature and humidity standard curing box, cement fineness negative pressure screen, cement mortar fluidity Measuring equipment and other equipment; for sand and stone physical performance test of the gravel sieve, sand sieve, electronic precision balance, electric vibrating screen machines and other equipment; for mechanical testing of steel microcomputer display universal testing machine, metal repeated concrete vibration table bending Testing machine, vernier caliper and other equipment; for the mechanical testing of concrete pressure test machine, concrete shaking table, forced single-bed concrete mixer and other equipment; for the mechanical performance test rods pole load displacement tester, reading microscope and other equipment; For the bar size inspection of the steel tape, steel ruler and so on.

Concrete 28d test block standard maintenance can be maintained in constant temperature and humidity maintenance tank can also be carried out in the standard curing room, the standard curing room for concrete test block of the standard, the conservation room environment must meet the national standard requirements, namely: (1) the temperature standard is 20 ± 2 ° C, the relative humidity standard is 95% or more, the indoor temperature and humidity uniformity satisfies the above; (2) the test pieces are placed on the shelves at least 10 ~ 20mm. So the standard curing room to be equipped with temperature and humidity automatic control equipment to adjust the indoor environment temperature and humidity. At the same time enterprises should be based on design capacity and the actual situation of enterprises to ensure that the standard storage room storage area to meet the requirements.

2.2 on the test, inspection personnel training and follow-up education

The training of such personnel not only requires professional external training also need internal training and follow-up education, internal training is mainly to keep the business management objectives and the different needs of customers, and the new Technology, new technology, new equipment, pre-application training of new materials, national, industry, corporate standards revised or revised after the inspection procedures training, in short, training is dynamic, continuous.

Prepare a pamphlet for the examiner and the quality inspector. It is difficult to let everyone familiar with the heart, especially the new technology, new technology, new equipment, new materials, new materials, new materials, new materials, new materials, new materials, new materials, new materials, new materials, new materials, new materials, new materials, new materials, new materials, new materials, new materials, new materials In order to facilitate the test, inspection personnel at any time to access the relevant requirements, you can print the work manual, due to different work, the contents of the manual to meet the test, test requirements can be.

2.3 Application of statistical techniques to test data analysis

Application of statistical techniques to analyze the data to help companies understand the variation, which can help companies solve problems and improve efficiency and efficiency, but also help enterprises to make better use of available data for decision-making. Ordinary Portland cement for the production of annular concrete poles generally requires control of initial setting time, final setting time, 3d flexural strength, 3d compressive strength, 28d flexural strength, 28d compressive strength and other indicators, through the histogram To determine whether the cement is stable, whether the company continues to cooperate with the raw material supply units to provide data analysis.

3. Clear key procedures, the focus of inspection control

Usually the output of a process will directly become the input of the next process. The failure of the previous process output is likely to result in the failure of the next process. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the process self-test and mutual inspection. At the same time, it is necessary to set up the special inspection personnel in the key process to ensure that the output of each production process can satisfy the next The need for the process.

Ring concrete pole can be skeleton molding, concrete preparation, centrifugal molding three processes as a key process control, in these processes set up special inspection or company-level sampling can effectively promote the upper and lower process self-inspection, mutual inspection efforts to ensure that The process output can meet the requirements, or found the problem in the process to be eliminated.

4. Attention to the factory inspection and type of inspection

Article 8 of the GB / T4623-2014 provides the factory inspection and type inspection of the inspection items, batches, sampling, determine the principle of the enterprise should be in strict accordance with the standard requirements of the batch sampling, in the production of certain processes have doubts, but And no process inspection means, the type of test can be a good way to help enterprises to verify, test results can also effectively guide the enterprise to find the cause of the problem, the development of measures to be eliminated.



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