Operation Process of Pre-tensioning Machine

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Operation Process of Pre-tensioning Machine

1, tensioning operation area should be set up with obvious warning signs, prohibit non-staff into concrete pole tensioning area.

2, to participate in the tension process , the staff must get training and technical instruction , and in the stretch of work to a clear division of labor, fixed positions, subject to uniform command, wear good labor protection supplies.

3, before the operation must check the tensioning equipment, tools (such as: jack, oil pump, pressure gauge, tubing, top shaft and hydraulic pressure valve, etc.) is in line with the construction and safety requirements, check before passing operation. High-pressure tubing should be used before the comparison test, unqualified shall not be used; tension anchor should be used with the machine supporting, anchor into the field, should be in batches for visual inspection, no cracks, scars, rust, Use; jacks and pressure gauges should be checked for verification; the use of bolts, nuts, iron wedges, shall not have slip wire and crack. Tensioning equipment should be hand use and management, and should always be maintained, regular checks.

4, the pump starts, into the oil return speed and pressure gauge movements should be smooth, uniform.

5, the pump on the safety valve should be transferred to the maximum working oil pressure can not automatically open the state. Safety valve to maintain a sensitive and reliable.

6, the oil pressure gauge must be fully charged with the installation, the pump and the jack between the high-pressure tubing with the oil parts of the joints, must be intact, oil flow, the maximum working oil pressure to maintain more than 5 minutes, oil. If the damaged person is replaced in time.

7, high-pressure pump and the connection between the jack, the interface must be intact. The pump operator must wear eye protection to prevent tubing rupture and joint injection.

8, pre-pressure at both ends of the pump should be smooth and tacit understanding should have a unified command. Before the tension, the operator to determine the contact signal. When the two parts of the pull away from the far, should set up a radio and other communications equipment.

9, tension when the safety valve should be transferred to the specified value can start after the stretch operation. When the front of the beam is not allowed to stand, the high-pressure pump should be placed on both sides of the beam, the operator should stand on the side of the prestressed steel hinge line position.

10, when the oil pump oil pump jacks and other anomalies, should immediately stop inspection.

11, after the completion of tension, the withdrawal should take safety precautions, manual removal of the pin, shall not be strong; on the tensile anchor at both ends, should be properly protected, not heavy objects; And steel; pipe has not yet grouting before the beam end should be set up and baffle


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