Technical Standard for Concrete Circular Prestressed Pole

2017-11-23 11:10:38 grant 118

Article 1.1 In order to implement <GB / T4623-2006> "Circular prestressed concrete pole" standard, strengthen enterprise quality management, ensure finished concrete electric poles quality, this standard is specially worked out for concrete pole plants complying.

Article 1.2 This procedure applies to prestressed concrete pole and reinforced concrete poles produced according to GB / T4623-2006.      

Article 1.3 The Technical specification of this technology is based on GB / T4623-2006 "circular concrete pole" and GB50204 "concrete structure construction and acceptance of norms" and other relevant standards and norms.

Article 1.4 If Any new technologies, new processes and new materials are applied, they shall be tested and identified before they can be used. If the construction of new technologies is inconsistent with these rules.

Article 1.5 The production workshop shall strictly implement the technical regulations and formulate relevant operational instructions in the light of the actual production.


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