Iran Concrete Electric Pole Plant

2017-10-06 21:45:00 grant 62


Iran Concrete pole stanards are very different with other areas in the world and also because Iran market also has special request on concrete pole mold design and centrifugal spinning machine.  The holes position on the concrete pole molds are also different from different customers so all the molds have to be customized .  Concrete poles in Iran also belongs to prestresses type but some customers choose PC bar as raw materials because of misguiding of some factories on some supporting machines . HT wire can't be welded with automatic steel cage welding machines with the current technology in the world . 


We supply high quality centrfigual spinning pole machines with Simens motor and control cabinet and other concrete pole production machines for our customers in Abandan, Iran and it has turned out very good performance since 8 months by now . We believe it will still go on good operation for concrete pole factory production .


Provide EPC Solution for concrete pole/phc pile plant