Kenya Concrete Electric Pole Plant

2018-03-11 13:15:50 Grant 226

Concrete Electric Pole Plant in Kenya

kenyan concrete pole machine equipment.jpg

Built in Sep, 2015, the concrete pole plant is located in Kisumu, Kenya, it's designed concrete pole productivity is 100 poles per day.

To guarantee the productivity , we choose the highest working efficiency centrifugal spinning pole machine of single roller type. To save production cost and labor cost, the automatic concrete feeding machines and automatic conrete mixing station are also chosen .  Although the initial cost is a little higher in the machines investment , but from long run ,with great profit of concrete poles , the cost decreasing in concrete pole production will greatly increase the profit of single concete pole selling .  It will produce greater economic profit .

And with Chinese engineer guidance of conrete pole production, we can guarantee the producitivity about 100 poles per day .  The experienced engineer and workers are very important for concrete pole factory .


Provide EPC Solution for concrete pole/phc pile plant