Indonesia Concrete Spun Pole Plant

2017-11-23 16:35:24 zhanghongtao 119

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The prestressed concrete electric pole plant machines and equipment were Installed and Commissioned in year of 2015 in Indonesia , the designed productivity for the concrete spun pole plant is 200 concrete poles per day ,the actual productitivy now is 180 poles per day. The finished concrete poles now have good quality after many times test and raw materials ratio adjusted . To reduce their labor qty, we suggest them with automatic concrete mixing machine , automatic concrete feeding machine etc.  The boiler is with capacity of 2 ton evaporation rate. It guarantees enough steam curing for concrete pole production according to feedback from our customer.  Next expanding plan will be executed in year of 2018 to 400 poles per day . 


Provide EPC Solution for concrete pole/phc pile plant